Easter Eggs & References

Five Nights at Vsauce is chock full of Easter eggs and references. In this guide, I'll be sharing how to find some of them.

1. Hidden Messages

If you hold down the LIGHT button, you may notice that it flickers in a repeating pattern. These patterns are actually messages written in Morse Code! It'd ruin the fun if I told you what they said though, so you'll have to decode them yourself...

Likewise, another Morse Code pattern is hidden in the blackout sequence if you run out of power. Better decode it quick though, because Michael won't wait long!

2. Mario Farts!

Mario Farts is one of the earliest Vsauce videos, and a poster depicting it can be found hanging in the security office. What you may not know is that, much like the "Celebrate!" poster in Five Nights at Freddy's, the "Mario Farts!" poster makes a fitting sound effect when clicked.

3. Camera References

It may be hard to pay attention to these while frantically searching for Michael and the gang, but some camera feeds hold Easter eggs of their own. For instance, the bear plushes in the Gift Shop are replicas of one seen in the Vsauce episode Why are Things Creepy:

A similar secret is a little more rare, as it can only be seen when Michael's animatronic is in the Bathroom, but it's a reference to the intro of How Many Holes Does a Human Have, where Michael finds a delicious treat in... the toilet. Yum.

4. Game Over

Speaking of that episode, it's also referenced in the Game Over screen!

The next long-form post will be about tips and tricks for beating the game, so stay tuned! And as always, thanks for reading.


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