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Hello again! This guide will go over some tips and tricks on how to beat Five Nights at Vsauce. Follow these, and you should be golden! But not Golden Freddy. He's not in this game... or is he? (He's not.)

1. Always Watch the Cameras

You may assume that since the Vsauce crew has fairly predictable AI, that simply checking the lights will work out in your favor. However, that won't always be the case. As soon as Michael, Jake, or any others are in your doorways, they won't wait long before coming into your room, so it's in your best interest to make sure you know ahead of time where they're headed. Otherwise, they may sneak up on you before you have time to react!

2. Use the SCAN Button

It's likely that, if you didn't read the How to Play section, you're not sure what this button does. Well, the SCAN button will scan if anyone's still outside your door when it's closed (and ONLY if it's closed; no point in scanning if you can just use the light!). If someone's there, it'll flash a red light and warn you. So, if you've been having trouble knowing when to open the doors again, this knowledge should help a lot!

3. Listen Closely

Much like Five Nights at Freddy's, FNAVS has some subtle sound cues introduced in Patch 1.0.2. These will clue you in on what some of these knowledge-hungry animatronics are doing; for instance, if you hear a door creak, and then shuffling of cardboard boxes, you might want to see if Michael or Kevin have stumbled their way into the Storage Room.

4. Understand Bill Nye

...Okay, that's a weird sounding title. Anyway, Bill Nye's animatronic won't actually move when he's first introduced on Night 4, so if you find yourself getting distracted by his ominous presence, this knowledge should ease your mind. But keep an eye out for him during Night 5! On this night, Bill moves from room to room in a very similar fashion to the others. Despite him seeming a bit different, using the same strategies that work with the other guys will keep Bill in check; So keep calm, don't panic, and beat the game like the champion I know you are.

That's about it for this post! However, if you have any questions about the game, feel free to leave a comment on this post or on the game's page below. Be sure to follow me if you want to stay up to date on this game, its sequel, and my other projects.

The next long-form post will be about how I made this game, so stay tuned! And as always, thanks for reading.


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