Uh-oh! A giant lava wall is ravaging the world!

Nobody knows where it came from. And Randall Random, a cool cat with unparalleled parkour skills, doesn't care; all that matters is that he needs to RUN!

Dash through an endless, randomly generated world as you collect treasure, avoid pitfalls, and outrun the lava. How high of a score can you get? And what secrets might there be for those crazy enough to get 100,000 points? Only one way to find out!

This game was made for Whisker Jam 2022: https://itch.io/jam/whisker-jam-2022


It is recommended to install the game if possible, as the browser version does not perform as well!

Install instructions

Install like any other program. Your operating system will probably complain because I'm not best buddies with Bill Gates. That said, if you aren't comfortable with installing the game on your computer, feel free to try the browser version above (Note that this version performs worse and might not save your high score).


rrvl-windows.exe 102 MB
rrvl-macos.zip 121 MB
rrvl-linux.AppImage 124 MB

Development log


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Simple but very fun game! The random levels add a lot of replay value, and I like the artstyle. My only major criticism is that the hitbox of the lava seems to be quite a bit larger than the sprite, making dying sometimes feel a bit unfair (I suppose it's realistic since you probably wouldn't survive being that close to actual lava either, but you get my point). Even despite that, this game is really fun and an overall great entry to the game jam (which I unfortunately can't rate this for since I didn't participate). Keep up the good work!

It’s Very Cool Game Dude! I’m Really Like It! But Game Need New Updates. Game Have Some Bugs. But It’s Very Cool Game. Can You Download My Game And Give A Comment? This Is Link:https://tinygamestudio2022.itch.io/no-way-back


Great work on this entry!

The visuals were very well done. I love the cartoonish style you went for, especially with the cat model :) The audio was amazing too!

The gameplay concept is simple yet very exciting, I kept trying to go for a higher score each run, but I couldn't reach 100 000 points unfortunately xD I'm curious to see if anyone with better platforming skills will make it!

Overall great take on the theme, very well executed and a solid submission! Keep it up :)


Thank you!